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Nerd Alert: Κάθε stylish γυναίκα φοράει αυτά τα γυαλιά

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H Emily Ratajkowski είναι η πιο πρόσφατη celebrity που υιοθέτησε αυτό το στυλ.

Η Alexa Chung επίσης έκανε το ίδιο

On the runways, Gucci has reinvented old-lady acetate frames for the more adventurous (rhinestones and a glasses chain, anyone?) while Chanel's oversize silver opticals have made their way onto...

Ακόμη και η Kendall Jenner υπέκυψε!


Η Pixie Geldof έχει επενδύσει σε ένα σοβαρό ζευγάρι γυαλιών.

We've spied cool girls all over swapping out their regular specs for these jumbo, gawky silhouettes and wearing them with ease. How so? Well, you'll likely find that this new wave of geek glasses...


Η blogger Anum Bashir φοράει τα γυαλιά αυτά με ένα άλλο εξάρτημα.


Και η Fashion blogger Sonya Esman!

These frames can even work with something unexpectedly boho—your whole outfit doesn't have to be geek chic. Scroll down to shop some of our favourites…

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